West Coast Data Recovery provides a wide range of data related services. 

Hard Drive Data Recovery

West Coast Data Recovery is capable of handling any HDD failure. From Logical failures such as a damaged boot sector, bad sectors in areas critical to the operating systems function; And even physical failures that require a clean room, soldering, and advanced firmware manipulation.

Data Transfer

Data from time to time needs to be moved / migrated to a new system. We can assist with a migration plan that will keep the safety and integrity of your personal or businesses data in mind.

RAID Data Recovery

Redundant Arrays of Independent Disks (RAID) are commonly used by organizations and individuals who need more storage space. However when a failure occurs it can be complex to manually rebuild the structure of the array to regain access to the data. West Coast Data Recovery is capable of handling these situations.

Data Erasure

In this day and age of electronics recycling, it can be a good idea to have your old devices securely wiped sector by sector to insure your private data cannot be accessed in the future. West Coast Data Recovery offers erasing services.

OFFER: Free wiping of any device you allow us to keep

Flash Data Recovery

Flash memory based devices are the newest technology with the need for data recovery. Despite the lack of moving parts like a hard disk drive, these NAND flash devices are still susceptible to physical failures within the crystals that make up the sectors, as well as various electrical failures from over voltage, faulty and/or cheap components as well as firmware and microcode bugs.


If you simply need a functioning Hard Drive or SSD cloned to another, or several devices; West Coast Data Recovery can assist with that as well.