RAID Data Recovery

Straight-forward options. 

RAID pricing works a little bit differently than normal single Hard Drive pricing. Here is a break down of the different RAID levels and pricing.


We look at all drives in the RAID 1 to determine if there are differences between them (there should not be) and then extract data from the one in the best condition.



We determine if any of the disks need to be repaired and recovered individually first. If the drives are stable then we charge a flat rate. If there are disks that have failed we will charge the cost of a single drive recovery per disk and take 10% off of the total.


RAID 5/6

These types of RAIDs have a lot of different failure scenarios, and the difficulty can range widely. For that reason these types of recoveries are quoted on a per case basis. Expect a minimum of $600-800.


New Gen RAID

There are new generations of RAID designs that are being utilized. These RAIDs place data using more "intelligent" placement algorithms instead of a flat set of rules. These types of RAIDs can require significantly more time to attempt to reconstruct.



Recoveries at the Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tier 4 levels may often need "Donor parts" to proceed with the recovery.

This is the only non-refundable cost involved with Data Recovery. If your recovery will require a part we locate one and will charge the exact amount that we pay for the part + shipping. If your recovery is successful we will apply the cost of the part to your recovery, so the maximum amount you will pay is what we advertise above.

Parts can typically range from ~$50 to as high as $400 depending on the capacity, and rarity of the drive.

Return Media

When the recovery is complete we will need a final place to put the recovered data. You can  provide a drive of your own (Preferrably a new, reliable drive) or we can add one to your order (for an additional cost) for your convenience.