Flash Data Recovery

Straight-forward options. 

We categorize each recovery into "difficulty tiers" that are locked in at a flat rate.

Tier 1

The Card or USB flash device has "logically" failed. This usually means some miswrites may have occurred that damaged the file-system, or the memory is starting to wear out and some areas are becoming unreadable.


Tier 2

The Card or USB flash device is physically damaged, but is repairable without having to remove the memory chips.


Tier 3

The Card or USB flash device has failed in way that is not repairable, and we will have to remove the memory chips and read them and attempt to rebuild the controller's algorithm.


Tier 4

The same situation as tier 3. However, your device has many memory chips, or is a "monolithic device" which means all of the chips are built within the device and cannot be removed, so we have to "tap into" them.



Recoveries at the Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tier 4 levels may often need "Donor parts" to proceed with the recovery.

This is the only non-refundable cost involved with Data Recovery. If your recovery will require a part we locate one and will charge the exact amount that we pay for the part + shipping. If your recovery is successful we will apply the cost of the part to your recovery, so the maximum amount you will pay is what we advertise above.

Parts can typically range from ~$50 to as high as $400 depending on the capacity, and rarity of the drive.

Return Media

When the recovery is complete we will need a final place to put the recovered data. You can  provide a drive of your own (Preferrably a new, reliable drive) or we can add one to your order (for an additional cost) for your convenience.